What’s up with Wasabi?

I had never heard of Wasabi until I arrived in London. Being a fan of katsu curry; I’ve only ever experienced Wagamama’s version. I was excited to discover that this dish of pure delight could be packaged in a tub and taken out of a restaurant setting – ok, perhaps this mind blowing revelation is specific to me.

My first experience in Tottenham Court Road was a pleasant one. My second in Kings Cross station, equally as good. However, my third and long awaited experience in Hammersmith was severely disappointing. My original conclusion that this was a place that served good food, great service, and at a reasonable price had been distorted by the new square packaging, which boasted a lump of crunchy cabbage, and a mix of katsu chicken and chicken pieces that tasted more like chicken curry than my order of choice.

Whilst the concept of this place may be good, in my opinion, the delivery needs some work. Whatever happened to service with a smile?


Drawing a social media conclusion.

Whilst the team obviously know how to run Twitter and engage with their community. It looks like this brand is fresh to social media, with no Facebook page and a grand total of tweets totalling 135. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have Facebook up and running either as it’s clear they have a larger community brewing there than on Twitter. If you’re in the food industry Facebook should be your first port of call – stats have shown most facebookers like to snap and share photos of their food, with their friends, more than anything else.

You might want to consider putting those little social media icons on your website too, so that people can find you. I had to search through four different Wasabi’s Facebook to find you.


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