A free Twix. Really?

Ok so for anyone who follows me on Instagram will know that I have a bee in my bonnet about Twix and their 1 in 6 chance competition, to win a free Twix?!?! Seriously? In the age where we are giving away free ipads, does a free Twix stand up to much? I can’t get enjoy free Galaxy chocolate, Pepsi, and Maryland cookies; not to mention the new Dairy Milk Ritz bars handed out to me by companies hoping to get me hooked onto their product.

So it leads me to my next thought. Have you noticed how many companies are giving away free or additional benefits with their product. Even a cat company, is trying to be creative in their latest marketing campaign, by throwing in a “specially designed feeding bowl” that’s apparently whisker friendly. …it’s really just a bowl though. If I can see past the sea of freebies going around, to see them as creative ways to get consumer by in, then you must know that others can see it to. With so many options to choose from everyday, why the hell would a 1 in 6 chance of wining a free Twix entice me to buy another Twix? …I just bought one?

It’s not really visible to be MIA from social platforms such as Twitter either. Come one you could do so much more! Let’s get creative Twix!

…Think I’ll just go with the Dairy Milk in the meantime. #Justsaying



2 thoughts on “A free Twix. Really?

  1. If they want a marketing campaign that plays into their current marketing and advertising strategy, why not sell left and right twix separately as a smaller scale option (healthier, there will be only in the packet after all) with the opportunity to win the other one.

    Then play it up along the same lines as that twilight pish #teamleft #teamright and get social about it. Then tie it into a testicular cancer money raising scheme, #hangleft #hangright, OK too far but you get my point.

    Poor execution of a poor promotion, just bought a brand “free bar” snickers myself and I am not really in the mood for another.

    It would have been so easy so socialise this through instagram/twitter by dedicating a hashtag to the product and actually winning something like a box of the product by following and tweeting a promotional bar you are eating.

    Jeez, what do these marketing departments get paid for!

    • I know my reply is a little late, but Dave you were on point. What a brilliant idea too. lol I don’t know who they employee, but I fell they could do with some kind of check up.

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