Wearable technology: The future?

To be honest, when I first heard of wearable technology I thought it related more to the 3D cube printer made by Ekocycle and creatively led by international superstar Will.I.Am. This innovative piece of technology prints everything from edible chocolate, to potential homes in the future, and can currently sources its materials partly from recycled plastic bottles. This is what I thought of when wearable technology was mentioned.

However, I have quickly realised that what Google are trying to do is to take wearable technology to the next level and provide us with information on the move. This video came out of Google’s I/O conference yesterday.

I’m not sure how  I feel about being so reliant on technology. I find it a challenge to stay on top and pick up a real book from time to time, instead of staring at a screen or my much loved kindle. Plus, what happens when technology can’t be relied on. Perhaps my biggest grind about the way technology is going is that it would aid to the dumbing down of people’s mind. I read an article a while back that suggested the younger generation would no longer go to the traditional libraries to get information they need to learn, but instead turn to Google and research showed they were less bothered about remembering information that they could easily access from Google at any time. Whilst I am huge fan of technology, and the innovation it provides, I still feel there needs to be consciously aware of the control it can have over our lives and be sure we have the right balance.

I am notorious for being on my phone (usually on social platforms) most of the time. However, sometimes I feel bad that I can take a half an hour journey in London without ever really looking up (except to cross the road, of course).

Take a look and Google’s latest video below, and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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