Periscope, and the business of social media

 Have you tried Periscope yet? If not, why not? I love it. It’s the hottest new platform from Twitter. You don’t need to wait for that big break on TV or film any longer. Just download the app, connect it up to your Twitter account, and tell the world what you see!

I almost shrugged this channel, and snapchat off. Even though I could see it was trending, it just felt like a hassle. Generally, you create a few seconds of content that disappears within a few seconds (or 24hours if on Periscope). At first I failed to see the point. Maybe there isn’t one. Maybe there doesn’t need to be one. Sometimes, I think marketers think too much about the return. If they don’t see an immediate return, they seem unwilling to make the investment. I find this goes for human resource departments too. Not all, but a lot. We’ve become so number centric that if we hire someone they must have all 10 boxes checked, and even if they achieve all 10 boxes, can we bargain them for £5,000 less than their skills are worth.

It feels like we’ve gone from being open minded about social media, and experimenting with new platforms to copying other similar competitors. Since when did that ever work? No one achieved anything by copying someone else. We should always strive to original. Growth and innovation are not just pretty words. They require boldness, risk, and personality.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for being content savvy, and using social insights and content audits to help bring a return, but if we fail to put in the time it takes to build a reputable brand and community online (that’s longer than 5 seconds), and stop experimenting with what works and what doesn’t, then we simply cloning average at best.

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Two social channels you must be on in 2015

1. Vine

After deleting my account in back in 2013, I have to thank Vine Celebrity Nash Gier and his cute little sister Sky Lynn for re-introducing me to Vine last month. It wasn’t really grabbing my attention back then, but since rediscovering my passion for film and video content in particular I have fallen in love once again.

It’s so much fun, and make you can make your own mini films. The app allows you to hit pause at any time, which gives flexibility in shooting over a longer period of time, location, or with various groups of people. It’s pretty impressive, and as some may call it the modern film. The rise of digital media has challenged generations ability to focus for any length of time. You have to be creative with this channel, and only get 6 seconds to dazzle your audience, but if it’s right for you’re audience and you do it right like Ford, then you’re sure to reap great benefits (providing you sow valuable content).

Here’s one I made earlier:

Now I’m not sure if I like it more than You Tube, (I’ve recently started posting some videos on the 2nd largest search engine last month), but I highly recommend it as a strategic component in your social media strategy for 2015. Last year I mentioned that video was huge, and this year fast and shareable video content is even bigger.

2. Instagram

I feel like this is the one that flew under the radar. I am obsessed with this channel, and despite some concerned post Facebook take over, I feel they have kept true to the apps original feel and function without running over it with a Facebook stamp and like button. I use my Instagram like a diary of moments and captures that I love to refer to as Kodak moments. It’s the perfect balance between the old and the new. I used to own a Polaroid camera, and loved taking instant snaps of random trees’s birthday cake, and pretty much anything I could point and snap.

I’ve just recently upgraded to a DSLR, which is awesome – I feel all professional holding it; but I don’t pretend to be an expert. If you look at my Instagram you’ll see lots of food, and outdoor pics mostly.

As a business it’s a great way to show personality and engage with the consumer if you are a visual product or service. Ford have done a great job in keeping their Instagram content unique and a one off. It may take a little more work doing things this way, but it will be an investment worth having. Don’t be afraid to be normal. Use the filters, do all the things you would do if posting on your own social media channels.

When I say do ‘all’ things, this is assuming you keep a somewhat professional approach to posting on your own platforms.


Effective native marketing (offline)

After hearing that EE set up a mobile recharge station at Glastonbury, I just had to blog about it. EE are great at coming up with smart content ideas, but this move was what I think a great example of native marketing offline. It’s festival season, and one of the biggest challenges that every smartphone owner AND festival attendees face is the declining stamina of battery power with the increase of content consumption taking place on our phones (often on the move).



From doing a simple organic search on Twitter, you will see how successful and useful this station became. When you’ve not washed in days, you’re lost because you were completely legless and ended up on some random section of the festival, or just simply adrift from your festival friends; this would have been one major life saver!



Wondering what native marketing is? Check out this article from The Guardian.

Wearable technology: The future?

To be honest, when I first heard of wearable technology I thought it related more to the 3D cube printer made by Ekocycle and creatively led by international superstar Will.I.Am. This innovative piece of technology prints everything from edible chocolate, to potential homes in the future, and can currently sources its materials partly from recycled plastic bottles. This is what I thought of when wearable technology was mentioned.

However, I have quickly realised that what Google are trying to do is to take wearable technology to the next level and provide us with information on the move. This video came out of Google’s I/O conference yesterday.

I’m not sure how  I feel about being so reliant on technology. I find it a challenge to stay on top and pick up a real book from time to time, instead of staring at a screen or my much loved kindle. Plus, what happens when technology can’t be relied on. Perhaps my biggest grind about the way technology is going is that it would aid to the dumbing down of people’s mind. I read an article a while back that suggested the younger generation would no longer go to the traditional libraries to get information they need to learn, but instead turn to Google and research showed they were less bothered about remembering information that they could easily access from Google at any time. Whilst I am huge fan of technology, and the innovation it provides, I still feel there needs to be consciously aware of the control it can have over our lives and be sure we have the right balance.

I am notorious for being on my phone (usually on social platforms) most of the time. However, sometimes I feel bad that I can take a half an hour journey in London without ever really looking up (except to cross the road, of course).

Take a look and Google’s latest video below, and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

What’s so hot about You Tube?

Why are people choosing to watch a guy play a game through you tube? Some say it’s just trend, but I don’t think human interaction can be labelled as a trend? Really?

Isn’t it just simple people hanging out with people? I’m not that old, but I remember the day before we switched to dig, and as a kid I was often found in rooms playing school, or some kind of game with my friends. The opportunity that the digital offers for everyone is massive, and could this just be a wave in interaction as more and more people learning to navigate their way around the social web?

Two young kids from Wales (by the sounds of it) met over social media, after one friend shared a video post of the other band member singing. The pair got talking, and the result was they formed Bars & Melody. They pair ended up auditioning for this year’s Britan’s Got Talent, and won the hearts of the viewing public including Simon Cowell who gave the duo a free pass to the live finals by pressing his Golden Buzzer.



“Be careful what you share, it shows what you care.”

The new age of digital: You Tube, Vlogger, and TV collaboration

I have so many new content ideas flowing through my brain right now that I thought it best to share it all with you! Yes, I know it’s been a while since I last posted much on line (other than via my own social networking channels), but I’ve been off living in the adventure of London and experiencing all it’s beautiful up’s and down’s. Anyhoo, cracking on, I wanted to bring to your attention two of the sweetest country voices I know. This Canadian duo rose to fame via through You Tube in October 2012, off the back of the youngest girl (Maisy) auditioning for a part in an American Musical drama television series. To cut a long story short, part of the plan to get these girls visa’s to work in the USA included capitalising on their musical abilities, so through posting some of their duet covers, including Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” on You Tube, which went viral overnight and clocking up millions of views (not without some paid support, I would imagine) that finally got them the approval stamp they needed from US authorities that would allow them to take part in the show that is said to be  more famous for its musical talent, than the show itself. (Personally I disagree, I  love the show for both elements). Check out one of my favourite covers from them below:

The show had done really well, and even bagged commissioning for a third season off the back of marketing their musical talents, and touting the shows stars out to preform live at iconic country auditoriums like The Grand Old Oply. I think there are two take away keys from this story:

1. We can see some really budding opportunity for TV programmes to grow outside the normal square inch TV screen, without needing a large budget or even a large screening audience. Of course, this won’t work for every format of TV, but there are ways this could work across the board.

2. There really is a rise in collaboration between brands, and vloggers. Interestingly, this examples tracks back to 2012 when Michael Kors invited the musical set to FNO ‘Fashions biggest party of the year’ The pair couldn’t make it and recorded this video for them instead, which Mr Kors posted on their You Tube video titling the the video #MKFNO

Were Michael Kors trying to capitalise on the coattails of this pairs you tube stardom? Was it a genuine invite? Who knows, it was probably both; but in the world of digital today, we are noticing and talking about the rising trend of vloggers (a.k.a video bloggers) and like the marketers we are, Global brands like Nike, Ford, Kelloggs Curiously Cinnamon, and most recently British Airways have jumped on this band wagon; with many more beginning to look for ways to tap into the channels of high flying bloggers/vloggers. Do you have a large audience sitting watching you play your video game, or listen to your wild and crazy ideas? Could your blog/vlog be next?



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Pepsi #LiveForNow

Pepsi Max created a bus shelter ad that made it seem like crazy events were happening in the street. The campaign falls under their #LiveForNowhashtag, which I think is awesome brand awareness piece of content. This kind of idea could work well across a number of brands. It’ll be interesting to see if any follow suit. Have you seen anything similar? Let me know by commenting below.