The new age of digital: You Tube, Vlogger, and TV collaboration

I have so many new content ideas flowing through my brain right now that I thought it best to share it all with you! Yes, I know it’s been a while since I last posted much on line (other than via my own social networking channels), but I’ve been off living in the adventure of London and experiencing all it’s beautiful up’s and down’s. Anyhoo, cracking on, I wanted to bring to your attention two of the sweetest country voices I know. This Canadian duo rose to fame via through You Tube in October 2012, off the back of the youngest girl (Maisy) auditioning for a part in an American Musical drama television series. To cut a long story short, part of the plan to get these girls visa’s to work in the USA included capitalising on their musical abilities, so through posting some of their duet covers, including Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” on You Tube, which went viral overnight and clocking up millions of views (not without some paid support, I would imagine) that finally got them the approval stamp they needed from US authorities that would allow them to take part in the show that is said to be  more famous for its musical talent, than the show itself. (Personally I disagree, I  love the show for both elements). Check out one of my favourite covers from them below:

The show had done really well, and even bagged commissioning for a third season off the back of marketing their musical talents, and touting the shows stars out to preform live at iconic country auditoriums like The Grand Old Oply. I think there are two take away keys from this story:

1. We can see some really budding opportunity for TV programmes to grow outside the normal square inch TV screen, without needing a large budget or even a large screening audience. Of course, this won’t work for every format of TV, but there are ways this could work across the board.

2. There really is a rise in collaboration between brands, and vloggers. Interestingly, this examples tracks back to 2012 when Michael Kors invited the musical set to FNO ‘Fashions biggest party of the year’ The pair couldn’t make it and recorded this video for them instead, which Mr Kors posted on their You Tube video titling the the video #MKFNO

Were Michael Kors trying to capitalise on the coattails of this pairs you tube stardom? Was it a genuine invite? Who knows, it was probably both; but in the world of digital today, we are noticing and talking about the rising trend of vloggers (a.k.a video bloggers) and like the marketers we are, Global brands like Nike, Ford, Kelloggs Curiously Cinnamon, and most recently British Airways have jumped on this band wagon; with many more beginning to look for ways to tap into the channels of high flying bloggers/vloggers. Do you have a large audience sitting watching you play your video game, or listen to your wild and crazy ideas? Could your blog/vlog be next?



This is my digital insight blog to the world of brand marketing and the social web.


Pepsi #LiveForNow

Pepsi Max created a bus shelter ad that made it seem like crazy events were happening in the street. The campaign falls under their #LiveForNowhashtag, which I think is awesome brand awareness piece of content. This kind of idea could work well across a number of brands. It’ll be interesting to see if any follow suit. Have you seen anything similar? Let me know by commenting below.

A free Twix. Really?

Ok so for anyone who follows me on Instagram will know that I have a bee in my bonnet about Twix and their 1 in 6 chance competition, to win a free Twix?!?! Seriously? In the age where we are giving away free ipads, does a free Twix stand up to much? I can’t get enjoy free Galaxy chocolate, Pepsi, and Maryland cookies; not to mention the new Dairy Milk Ritz bars handed out to me by companies hoping to get me hooked onto their product.

So it leads me to my next thought. Have you noticed how many companies are giving away free or additional benefits with their product. Even a cat company, is trying to be creative in their latest marketing campaign, by throwing in a “specially designed feeding bowl” that’s apparently whisker friendly. …it’s really just a bowl though. If I can see past the sea of freebies going around, to see them as creative ways to get consumer by in, then you must know that others can see it to. With so many options to choose from everyday, why the hell would a 1 in 6 chance of wining a free Twix entice me to buy another Twix? …I just bought one?

It’s not really visible to be MIA from social platforms such as Twitter either. Come one you could do so much more! Let’s get creative Twix!

…Think I’ll just go with the Dairy Milk in the meantime. #Justsaying


What’s up with Wasabi?

I had never heard of Wasabi until I arrived in London. Being a fan of katsu curry; I’ve only ever experienced Wagamama’s version. I was excited to discover that this dish of pure delight could be packaged in a tub and taken out of a restaurant setting – ok, perhaps this mind blowing revelation is specific to me.

My first experience in Tottenham Court Road was a pleasant one. My second in Kings Cross station, equally as good. However, my third and long awaited experience in Hammersmith was severely disappointing. My original conclusion that this was a place that served good food, great service, and at a reasonable price had been distorted by the new square packaging, which boasted a lump of crunchy cabbage, and a mix of katsu chicken and chicken pieces that tasted more like chicken curry than my order of choice.

Whilst the concept of this place may be good, in my opinion, the delivery needs some work. Whatever happened to service with a smile?


Drawing a social media conclusion.

Whilst the team obviously know how to run Twitter and engage with their community. It looks like this brand is fresh to social media, with no Facebook page and a grand total of tweets totalling 135. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have Facebook up and running either as it’s clear they have a larger community brewing there than on Twitter. If you’re in the food industry Facebook should be your first port of call – stats have shown most facebookers like to snap and share photos of their food, with their friends, more than anything else.

You might want to consider putting those little social media icons on your website too, so that people can find you. I had to search through four different Wasabi’s Facebook to find you.

Build a friend, engage with fans

I think businesses should invest in building friends, rather than fans…

Granted its better to have a fan, rather than a consumer – from a brand loyally perspective. However, a fan is just as loose as the next consumer. They may like your page, but that doesn’t come with a lifetime guarantee, or even a sale.

Fans come and go; things change. I have been a fan of many retail stores in my life, but as I grow my style continues to change and develop – of course that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t appreciate and engage with them.

By building a friend, brands will have the opportunity to reach beyond themselves and even their friend. I believe it is all in the approach. How you set yourself up online, across social media, and the tone of voice you adopt across your networks will be key to performance. Who you put in charge of this area matters. To have someone who knows how to tweet is ok, but to have someone who can understanding the heart of your business and how to communicate effectively to different kind of friends is even more important.

Starbucks campaign to personalise the customer experience and improve customer service was a great idea, and made a great splash in the world of business marketing. I have to wonder though if the great idea has lost some wind as its employees give up on getting even the simplest of names right.

See below for the latest misspelling of my name, even after I spelt it out loud for the lovely girl. After working with a prestigious car brand recently, where I helped manage their Facebook and Twitter community, I am slightly disappointed at the lack of response from StarbucksUK. If you want to be my friend Starbucks, I suggest you pick up on the service you provide. I may still buy your coffee, but how long for remains to be seen.

My tip: Build a business that lasts, by building friends, and engaging with fans.


Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to my new blog. This will be a blog specific to commenting on brands, social media and the all important parts of customer service. I plan to use this to showcase to you, the reader my super savvy skill set that could perhaps be the very combination you need for you’re team, or agency? In which case I’ll leave my Twitter handle below. 😉

Well now the introduction has been crafted, please do come in, sit down, take off your shoes, and leave a comment below if you would like to see a review, or comment of a particular brand.