What’s so hot about You Tube?

Why are people choosing to watch a guy play a game through you tube? Some say it’s just trend, but I don’t think human interaction can be labelled as a trend? Really?

Isn’t it just simple people hanging out with people? I’m not that old, but I remember the day before we switched to dig, and as a kid I was often found in rooms playing school, or some kind of game with my friends. The opportunity that the digital offers for everyone is massive, and could this just be a wave in interaction as more and more people learning to navigate their way around the social web?

Two young kids from Wales (by the sounds of it) met over social media, after one friend shared a video post of the other band member singing. The pair got talking, and the result was they formed Bars & Melody. They pair ended up auditioning for this year’s Britan’s Got Talent, and won the hearts of the viewing public including Simon Cowell who gave the duo a free pass to the live finals by pressing his Golden Buzzer.



“Be careful what you share, it shows what you care.”